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A2Q Method TM  

What is the most important objective for your company? The A2Q Method   gives you the road map, compass, and guide posts to reach that objective.

On the moors above Plymouth, England, UK, the mist and fog hang close about all the time. You really can get lost there in mid-day. As you follow your compass along a trail that might be only a cow path, a welcome stone guide post appears out of the mist.

The A2Q Method   is that guide post. The A2Q 12-Step Plan TM   is the road map and compass that tells you which way to go next, to keep on your path to your goal.

The term, A2Q ,  stands for a new "chemical." We use this chemical in our Approach to Quality. "Quality" equals "the degree of approach to perfection, as seen by the customer." Yes, I know that none of us can make a perfect product. No one can provide a perfect service. But we all can work on it. We can strive to make each item better, in a never ending cycle of continuous improvement. That's why A2 means Approach to Quality.

The  A2Q Method  -- What do you want to improve today?

Finding quality in industry is hard work. You have already done well. I know because you are here. Making more improvements in product and reducing costs takes experience and knowledge. The A2Q Method   uses all the knowledge your team has today. It organizes this knowledge and develops tests to fit the challenge you wish to solve. Graphs from the tests show the fact-based results in a way everyone can understand. The whole team knows what is needed for success. Confirmation trials prove your results. You are doing continuous improvement, easily, reliably. You are following the A2Q Method   with the A2Q 12-Step Plan  

Hey, that wasn't so hard! Let's do some more! Stay on the path! Find the next guide post!
In the Run Chart at right, failures were due to dirt in the part. The techs and operators tried out different ideas to reduce failures. The chart told them when they were on track. Jay Warner, Principle Scientist at Warner Consulting, Inc., showed them how to keep the chart themselves and made sure the plant manager recognized their work.   Run Chart  
This example shows just one of numerous successful applications of the A2Q Method Case histories illustrate several more. Such improvements can be yours!  

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