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A2Q Name

A2Q means Approach to Quality. It is also a new chemical, A-sub-2-Q. You can use this chemical to improve the quality of your product or service. 

Hey, it works for food! A little NaCl on a roast chicken makes it much tastier. NaCl even works for broccoli! Well, yes, it does work better on chicken. 

A2Q can work for your company, too! Spread it around, rub in liberally, and watch your people produce! 

What is Quality? There are lots of definitions, but the one that works best for me is: 
Quality: The degree of approach to perfection, as seen by the final user. 
But we don't make perfect products. So the name of the method reflects that. That name is 

A2Q - Approach to Quality 

What can the A2Q Method TM do for your company? Let's find out! 

Email: quality@a2q.com
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