Warner Consulting, Inc.

Jay Warner, Ph.D. JAY WARNER, Ph.D.
Principal Scientist
Warner Consulting, Inc.
Racine, Wisconsin

Jay Warner, Ph.D.

Dr. Warner received his BS in Physics from the University of Massachusetts - Amherst , and his Ph.D. in Metallurgy from Iowa State University . His primary interest is real product and process improvement through useful, understandable statistical procedures. He modified the teaching of statistics to present Box's and Taguchi's methods for working engineers. These approaches are called the A2Q Method TM.

He implemented Taguchi's methods throughout a large multi-plant company, writing analytical software and holding in-house symposia. He promoted the "Quality Revolution" in a $100 million firm through company-wide training and individual project support from the shop floor to research and development. He directed and supported over 300 technical projects, including process improvement by untrained technicians, software fault detection and  project co-ordination optimization.

Applying his metallurgical training, Dr. Warner developed economic inspection methods for small stainless steel springs, performed failure analysis of electronic connectors at all power levels and strengthened reinforced thermoset components. He has developed new aluminum welding and brazing alloys, and directed the development of a radically new radiator design. He has consulted in the United States, England, and the Czech Republic . He taught metallurgy and advanced statistical methods at Milwaukee School of Engineering  for eleven years. Dr. Warner is also listed with Sopheon-TelTechTM  as an expert in practical applications of experimental design and aluminum brazing. 

Email: quality@a2q.com
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